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We are young and energetic team of 100+, fighting hard for the regularization of bonded railway labourers in our country. We understood that the labours in railways are contributing a lot to the development of the department but still they are not able to get minimum needs. So we aimed to help labours in all the possible ways to educate them to get their funds from the government of India.

Our Aims & Objectives

We aimed to give a better life which is deserved by the labours of railway goods sheds by considering all the possible ways. Now our short term goals are
To enable and fix minimum wages and VDA to all labours working at railway goods sheds.
To provide railway pass or concession tickets.
To arrange compensation to the family of railway goods shed labours in case of accidental death and permanent disability and locomotive deform.
To help labours to get pension, we are addressing labours to pay one-time payment of application fee which is a lifetime benefit of getting pension to the railway goods shed labours

We educate the labours in all required fields like social responsibilities, personal care to upgrade themselves for today by conducting different activities like seminars with professionals.
We set up welfare activities to improve moral,cultural, mental, physical and economical fosses of labours.
We endeavor to improve working conditions and to arrange health camps to labours at all working sites.
We arrange and provide all basic amenities for example- resting sites, drinking water, toilets and bathtubs at working sites for labours at railway goods sheds
We maintain good sanitary condition for goods shed labours at work site.

Our Programs


In order to provide the support for the merit students of RMGSS members, We are providing scholarships. Students from 6th standard to degree(or any same level) are eligible to attend the qualification test.


We educate the labours in all required fields like social responsibilities, personal care to upgrade them for today by conducting seminars across the goods sheds. Our professionals will teach skills to make them ready for today's society


We want to take this wonderful opportunity(RMGSS) to every corner of India. So to make it happen we need young and talented people who have empathy and harmony towards humans(Especially towards labours).

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Goutam Kumar
All India Secretary

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